Is Liverpool Kolo Touré after half-naked Kim Kardashian?

By goal post
In Africa
Oct 21st, 2013

The Ivorian international and Liverpool of England defender Kolo Touré is no doubt well loved by Liverpool fans, he is once again in the media through a  photoshopped picture that links him with Reality star Kim Kardashian.


Kolo Touré was doctored in the photoshopped picture leering from behind a wall following the reality star Kim Kardashian.


Kardashian recently post a picture of herself in a skimpy bathing suit selfie onto Instagram and Kolo Touré was doctored in the photoshopped picture leering from behind a wall  following the reality star Kim Kardashian.

Toure himself was short of words while reacting to the picture on twitter.

“I really have not laughed so much in a long while…Thanks peoples,”