2014 IIHF World Junior: Czechs win 5-4 over Canada

By goal post
In Ice Hockey
Dec 28th, 2013

Video Highlights & Reports: it was the first Czech win over Canada in U20 history.

Indeed, the last time any nation with “Czech” in the name that beat Canada at the U20s was January 4, 1993, when the Czech/Slovak Republic won, 7-4. Since then, Canada has had a record of 12-2-0 in 14 games–until tonight’s historic result.

And the hero was Simon, who took the sixth shot of the shootout after each side had scored once. “As soon as the coach told me I was taking the shootout, I knew I was going to do it,” Simon said afterwards. “It was the last shot, so I knew the goalie would react to my first move. I moved to the forehand and then went back. Fortunately, it was successful.”

Nerves of steel. “I haven’t tried it a lot, but it’s harder in practise because the goalie isn’t scared of your moves. You look like a jerk when it doesn’t work, but in a game it’s a good play, I think.”

“It’s done,” Canadian Jake Paterson said. “Now our focus shifts to the next game. I’ve seen that kind of move before, but I’m not going to blame the loss on that.”

To be sure, the goalie had a rough night, but his counterpart Marek Langhammer wasn’t particularly brillaint, either. It was a close game through 40 minutes, and then a bizarre third period saw Canada get three of the five goals to send the game to overtime.

The result throws Group A into disarray. The U.S. is in first place with 6 points, but Canada is second with only 4. The Slovaks have 3 and the Czechs 2, so anything is still possible, but first place is looking more Stars ‘n’ Stripes than Maple Leaf right now.